I’m Elaine and I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband, Tim and baby daughter Anita. In 2016 we bought an old ‘fixer upper’ cottage and so I originally started this blog to share our renovation journey. It has since expanded a little to cover a few more ‘parsonage’ themes of interest – house & home, food, family and some musings on the Christian life. We called our home ‘The Parsonage’ because Tim is a pastor and we like to think of our home as a place of hospitality, rest and family life. Hope you enjoy looking around!

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Our Renovation: Before & Afters

This is our first renovation project in Weston Creek, Canberra. We called it ‘The Parsonage’ as my husband is an Anglican minister at a local church. When we bought it, it was a fairly eclectic ex-government cottage that had seen better days. We tried to bring the gardens back to life and totally gutted and... Continue Reading →

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Zucchini and Carrot Cheesy Bites

I'm always trying to think of easy, healthy treats that I can have as snacks or give to Anita when I'm not up for cooking. These little bites are an excellent way to get those veggies in and a tasty allergy-free treat!

How to bring new life to old furniture

You really don't have to pay a fortune for unique, beautiful furniture. One of Tim and my favourite home improvement tasks is giving an old piece of furniture new life. They can be charming old-world pieces or a more modern style, but it's amazing what a coat of paint or some plywood can do. Here are some examples and how-to's from around our house that I hope will inspire you to do something fun for yourself!

Spinach, Feta and Roast Veggie Frittata

I've been on a bit of a health kick lately, so I have been trying out a few different veggie-loaded recipes. One of my favourite is frittatas as they are so versatile. You can chuck just about anything in one and it tastes great. This is a personal favourite recipe that the whole family can enjoy. Bon appetite!

Essentials of Scandi Style (on a budget!)

There’s a reason Scandinavian interior design has become so popular – clean lines, calm spaces and a hint at nature all combine for a beautiful, restful home. Anyone who knows me, knows I am fan. You don't have to have oodles of money to achieve this look though - that is part of the beauty! It's about simplicity and can be done on anyone's budget. If you too love the clean, airy feel of Scandi interiors, here are some of my own tips to economically achieve this look in your own home.

A New Year Poem: Peace

Happy New Year everyone! I thought it might be nice to start 2018 on a creative note with a poem I wrote many years ago about a walk in a winter forest in Germany in December. How strange the memory of that night, How distant now it seems, Like reflections of a fading light, Or a half-forgotten dream. Yet still that night I can recall, And images remember, Of the stars I whispered my song for, That silent, white December...

Scandi Inspired Christmas Decorations

Although I grew up here, I've always found it kind of hard to get into Christmas in Australia. It just doesn't quite have the cosiness, hushed excitement, wintery weather and amazing Christmas markets of the northern hemisphere. So I thought at least I could bring some of the northern Christmas atmosphere to me with my decorations. I know presents and decorations are not the actual point of Christmas of course, but if you'll let me indulge in the decorative side of this gathering for a minute, I'd love to share some Northern inspired ideas!

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Christmas DIY projects are always a lot of fun and I find they give me a chance to also just stop and reflect as I do some creative handiwork. So this year, a friend and I decided to give Christmas wreaths a go! Here is a step by step guide on making your own Christmas wreaths.

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